Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shadow Girl

As I was running, as fast as I could. I ran into the darkest forest known to man. I knew what I was running from. I knew I could not hide. I knew that whatever it took I would need to never get caught by the thing chasing me. Do you want to know my story? No one can ever know where I am or what I am doing. I cannot be deceitful and yet I cannot tell the truth. I have gotten myself into a certain situation where all I can do is hope for the best and never look back. You can only know simple things about me; you can call me shadow girl because I live in the shadows and am “invisible” to the naked eye. I don’t know where to run but this I’ll tell you, I was kidnapped and tossed from foster home to foster home until I got kidnapped and escaped and came across a secret forest where foster kids took care of each other. I became one of their members, a person apart of their family. There is Andrew, Carey, Simpleton, McHenry, Phoebe, and then there’s me. “Shadow, go out and grab some wood can ya?” Simpleton asked “Sure, next time be a little bit more nice,” I said “please.” “Whatever you want, your majesty.” Simpleton said and then bowed mockingly. I walked deeper into the forest , farther and farther away from the camp fire light. I grabbed as much wood as I could to keep us warm for the night. I started to head back; the camp light suddenly went out, then I heard the screaming of Carey and Phoebe. I dropped the wood and ran as fast as I could towards; what I remembered of where the camp was. I ran and when I got there, no one was near. I grabbed an arrow and spear for hunting to defend myself from whatever was lurking. Questions were running through my head. Where is everyone? How can I help? How do I find my family? How do I protect everything we have worked for to be safe? ************************************************************* Now, here I am still wandering the forest for my friends, no family. “Carey, Phoebe, are you okay? Andrew can you hear me? Nasty Simpleton?” I knew even if Simpleton was dying he would answer. I heard a noise as if someone was crawling. “Shadow,” it was Carey “you really do lurk in the night.” “What happened to everyone , the camp?” I said with so many questions in mind. “I saw something,” she looked distressed “it was probably nothing.” “If it was nothing you wouldn’t scream or everyone disappear.” “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I gave her “the look”. “I saw Kurt Perry.” “Kurt’s alive.” She said hopefully and yet, scared. I sat down trying to embrace what she had just told me. “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m sure.” “Was it his ghost?” “No.” Kurt had died three years ago by a drunk driver. Kurt wouldn’t have died if it were for me. I had been blinded by something that calls for another story when I didn’t see the old rusty truck some out of nowhere and into the forest. Kurt pushed me out of the way when he didn’t get far enough away himself. “Kurt’s back. Well, I guess we better go and find him then and get Phoebe, Andrew, and Nasty Simpleton back.” Off we went to go find our ghost and hunt him down. I remembered his favorite spot to hide and I figured that his ghost would be there two. “Off to the Never-ending Cave.” Carey trusted me and had no worries that I wouldn’t protect her to my own undoing. We walked 3.14 miles until we came to the cave. “I’ll go in first, you be careful.” We slowly walked in like bosses. I saw what we were looking for. I knew I was secretly hoping it wasn’t true. I saw Andrew, Phoebe, and Simpleton. I really didn’t want to rescue Simpleton but knew I had to. “Kurt, It’s me your friend, Shadow.” “Shadow, is it really you?” “Yeah,” I really hoped this wasn’t a trick. “Kurt why don’t you give me Andrew, Phoebe, and…” I didn’t want to say it “Simpleton, too.” “I... we just wanted to hang out.” His eyes... I could tell he was getting defensive. “Kurt chill out I just wanted to get the gang and go make another fire before it gets dark outside.” “Shadow, you never really wanted to do that. You hate fire, you love the dark.” “I love the dark but our friends don’t like it , they can get hurt.” He started to grow angry as if he never wanted them to leave. His eyes grew redder and his face became deformed, he looked as if he was slender man and the boogie man rolled into one. Carey screamed, which probably didn’t help. “Run!” *********************************************************************************************** As Carey and I were running, Andrew grabbed his pocket knife and cut him, Simpleton, and Phoebe, all loose. They heard Carey’s scream and ran to help out. “Shadow , Carey let’s play Crando.” Code name for a situation and how to deal with it. We all worked together ; I side kicked Kurt, Andrew jabbed him, and we all took him down together. At the end of it all I heard this whisper: “Good job Shadow.” I heard it coming out of Simpleton’s mouth. I thought I would never hear those words as long as I lived. To my surprise, Simpleton was more than just Simple. “Call me Cora.”

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Unexpected and Unforeseen Events

    This story is not true it is a story I made up but, someone could have been through the same thing.
      Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I was a little girl a year ago and now I feel like I am older. Now feel like I am actually loved with the people I’m living with for the first time in my life. You wouldn't understand if I just tell you that. So here is the story.
     There I was watching my white Pit bull with amazing blue , sparkly eyes running back and forth at the waiting area, in the Kadlec hospital in Casper, Wyoming. I had to be in the car all the long , long way here from Lost Springs, Wyoming if you don’t know that is 1 and ½ hr.To an eleven year old it seems like an eternity. I came here with my moms parents who have practically raised me all my life and I love them very dearly.

     Just so you know, I am here in this horrible place is because I was  diagnosed with Astrocytomas (Brain Cancer)  It is not fun there is not much chance I will make it, hurts like the dickens ,  I become bald, I can’t control my emotions, etc. You can see I am very overwhelmed by everything.

     Going back to my dog, He is my last hope. I should tell you my parents are the typical parents they work in an lawyer firm and live in Casper, Wyoming. My mom has long curly hair and green eyes that if you look in them its as if your looking in the eyes of a valley you can also see how strong she is and willful. My dad is the more quiet type unless he is on a case that gets him very excited. He has blue eyes that look like the raging of a sea, you can see a sailor-man on his ship try to get to shore. My dad has fiery orange hair that he usually slicks down like a nice lawyer should. But, as good as that sounds I don't "hang out" with them if you know what I mean.They have to work so they can pay the bills for my treatments. My pit bull was my last present before I got sick. I named her Arnavaz meaning comforter. 
     Something happened when I was waiting, my parents arrived in their lawyer suites, I was so thrilled! I ran and squeezed them it was the best surprise ever (other than Arnavaz.) We talked and talked about the treatments, and how my cousins were doing, and how they were praying for me and my appointment. Then it was time for my appointment.The doctor said "Elizabeth Shelby?" I stood up and walked into her office.
      The doctor was a women who was Guatemalan with short brow hair with blond streaks. She was probably about the height of 5'4. She was her name was Athalia Clower. She was kind was very gentle in how she did tests.
     When I came out I was hoping to find my parents waiting. But, my grandparents Grandpa Leland, Grandma Cindy instead, I was so happy they were there I just wanted to see my parents though. I asked where my parents had gone and Grandpa replied “Well, they got called back to work and had to go they protested but, it didn’t help.” My Grandma always knew how it felt growing up with parents who were busy a lot.  She was in the same circumstance when she was my age (11) until 16 years of age. “You want me to get ice cream your favorite flavor of ice cream. Cheer up sweetie.”
     Grandpa left to go get some Ben and Jerry's Ice cream when the phone rang in my room. I answered “Hello” thinking it would be my parents, making excuses again. “Hi this is the Chief of Police Sergeant Jennings. Is this Elizabeth Shelby?” he asked, after those words I knew I wouldn't want to hear what he had said. I answered with a knot in my stomach, “Yes this is Elizabeth." My mind was racing were my parents hurt, did something happen against the law, am I just overacting? "I need to tell you that your parents have gotten in a  crucial car accident." Then he said more worse news: "Its very unlikely your parents are going to survive. I’m so sorry.” He said he was sorry but, that didn't help one bit. Its like my heart has stopped and I can no longer breathe. I drop the phone and fall to the ground and I can see the curly, black, sleek wire of the phone dangling around.
      A nurse named Emma came to help me up. I ran into my grandparents arms that have held me so long. I didn't know what I would do except sob into their arms.
      After that, we drove a long way home. We stopped by our favorite milkshake diner called "Mr. Maclin's Milkshakes" I got a chocolate banana milkshake. I went to my house trying not to cry.  and I just stood there for some time.  I went to my door, that leads to my bedroom.Then I grab some courage somewhere deep inside and grabbed my door knob that is brass and shinny and I walked into my bare bedroom. It looked the same way I had left it, simple. I grabbed my suitcase and put all my clothes in there but, not in a neatly fashion.
      Then, I stopped abruptly, and I cried out and said "Lord, can you just tell my parents I love them and care for them. I miss them Lord please help me to know they are in a better place now.  Amen."
       Months later, after the funeral and burial and many many amounts of treatments. It was time, time to realize That I had no hope. I knew If I was going to heaven I should be happy. I was peaceful about it and so were my grandparents. 
        "Grandma Cindy, Papa Leland , please know I will go to heaven eventually whether now or later. Please have peace about it. I don't want you to have grief because I know I will go to heaven." They just smiled and nodded in assurance. 
        Then Dr. Athalia walked in and said " There is big news. When we ran tests on Elizabeth's brains we found no cancer. She is cancer free! Congratulations!" I didn't no what to do except cry and hug and kiss my "parents" that I love so dearly. 
         Now you know, the unforeseen events I have been through in the last year. I think God has shown me to be happy for all I have. I hope you are happy for all God has given you.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some of my pics I took

Some dew on the grass

The coolest moon I ever took a picture of

A curb in the rain

An amazing cement wall

A flower near Mt. Rainier

One of my moms lilies

Beautiful flowers I found

Dandelions with a part of my dog


A basketball , hoop , and my sisters

An award I received

Another dandelion

More cement walls
Another lily
Have a good day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Paint Chip Finshed

Monday, February 18, 2013

Paint chip art

Have you ever heard of paint chip art. Well, now you will learn how to make it for $4.00- $6.00. For cheap, cheap ,cheap.

First, you gather all of the supplies.
    a canvas and some paint chips

Then punch holes in the paint chips.

Then lay out your pattern you want to lay on your canvas.
Then glue the paint chips onto the canvas.

and later I will show you my finished work but, since I haven't finished it I can't.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kate and Me

                Have you ever wondered what another person around you was saying? Or have you lived with a family member that didn’t speak English? Have you ever wanted to learn another language than what you speak English, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc. Well, if you have wondered theses things I can help you. I have learned it is easier to learn Sign Language with a reason to.   

         About a year ago, I learned that a girl I know named Kate an 8 yr. old I know, she is deaf. I know her because her mom and my mom are best friends. I see her a lot and, hang out with her and her sister Meigan. She was like a really good friend before I knew she could barely communicate to her mom. I was so sad I thought she was doing great. So I decided I will help her. I will learn Sign Language I will become one of her only friends.

         Next, time I saw her I told her (in Sign) “I will try to learn Sign Language so I can talk to you.” I promised her. Kate looked very happy to have a friend. Who could talk to her when not many people can. So I will learn Sign Language I have never broken a promise and I never will. I will not break my promise to her. Now I can talk to her and I feel like she’s my little sister. We hang out a little twice a week and I might start helping her on her bible verses she has been learning.    

         Every Wednesday I go up to her and ask if she wants a piggyback ride (she usually does). She loves it when I spin her around, and make silly jokes or comments. My life has changed because of this remarkable little girl. She is a blessing from heaven. God put her in my rode of life because he knew she would bless my heart.

         I now know things I never knew about her. Like her favorite color for instance is: purple she loves it and

 wear purple a lot, what she likes to wear: purple clothes, princess clothes, etc. what’s her favorite thing to do: play with dolls, my little ponies, barbies , etc.

         Learning Sign Language was a blessing. I know God planned it.  He has been planning an amazing experience for me and hopefully her too. She has grown in my heart and she is a gift from God to me.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I had these today for lunch my mom and dad made it last night